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  1. Assalam Lala,
    Your pages are absolutely gorgeous. So also is your singing. Is there anywhere I can go to purchase and or download your music. I have just spent the past hour keeping your page open as I did other things just because I am enjoying your singing so much. Your style is wonderful.

  2. Dear Noor,
    Thank you for your comment and appreciation. It's very nice.
    I put all the songs in There are about 40 songs in Pelangi Nada and I keep adding new songs to the site.. You (and everybody) can download them for free. There's a Paypal button if you want to give any support.

    Salam and warm regards,

  3. Wa Assalam Lala,

    Thank you for your reply. I will go there now and bookmark the site and Insha Allah will download many of your songs in the next few days. I just love your style and your voice.


  4. Terimakasih mbak Lala,

    Blog anda menjadi inspirasi bagi saya dan istri saya.

    Tuhan memberkati mbak Lala dan keluarga.

    Salam Hangat,

    Saud M.H.Sigalingging