Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mountain Retreat Speed Scrap Challenge

Today I'm entering another challenge. This time Digital Scrapbooking Studio offering a beautiful sampler FREEBIE from the Master Designer: Mountain Retreat Challenge!

They gave us the sampler contains items from both the Designers who did the Mountain Retreat Speed Scrap Challenge: Angel Hartline Designs & Ruby Lane Designs.

It's really interesting to see how they did the challenge. First, Toiny gave them the color palette & theme. Like this:

Then they have to make mini kits out of them (8 papers & 24 unique elements). And here's what they come up with:

Beautiful, right?
Now.. they challenge the forum to do lay out challenge. They gave us this mini

and these instructions:
  1. Choose your background paper from the 3 provided
  2. Crop the other two papers into any shape and layer on your background paper - you may duplicate these papers as many times as you need
  3. Place the Frame (Ruby Lane) on top of your layered papers - you can rotate/resize & duplicate as much as needed
  4. Take the circle Mat (Angel Hartline) and layer beneath your frame, anywhere as long as it is beneath the frame - resize to fit your needs, NO DUPLICATING! You can only use this element ONCE!
  5. Add the circle border strip (Angel Hartline) horizontally across your frame, either under or on top - again, you can resize to fit, but DO NOT duplicate! You can only use this element ONCE!
  6. Take the cluster flower and the leaf (both Angel Hartline) and layer/cluster around your frame, keeping most of the layering/clustering to the left-hand side - you may resize, rotate, duplicate as much as needed
  7. Use the champagne glass (Ruby Lane) anywhere, but you can only use it ONCE!
  8. Add the pre-shadowed bubbles (Ruby Lane) anywhere they fit, resize accordingly, duplicate up to TWO TIMES for a limit of 3 bubble scatters on your layout
  9. Tuck the tag (Ruby Lane) under your cluster, NO duplicating, you can only use this element ONCE!
  10. Add photos, a title & journaling to finish off your layout.
And here's my final page:

It's really amazing to see how these wonderful designer do their works. Wishing one day I can make some kits just like them. In the meantime there's an Annual Next Designer Contest kicks off September 1, 2011

The contest is open to ANYONE interested in becoming a Designer, and their 10 TOP finalists from Round 3 will all win an exclusive, brandnew, CU Grab Bag from theStudio Designers. The TOP 3 finalist from Round 4 will win Designer Contracts at theStudio as well as a bamboo wacom pen tablet. Wohooo... that's a dream come true. I really want to try..... but I think not this year... (tought I just start scrapbooking this month anyway.... lol)

BUT... I'm sooo excited to see the contest. I know I will learn ALOT from this kind of contest :)

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