Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday "Studio"

The Studio is having a birthday party and I am counting my presents now. I just start my journey in digital scrapbooking and already get lots of premium goodies from the Studio. Start with a $4 voucher from PiggyScrap Design because I made a post about the Birthday Party last month. I had a hard time choosing which to buy and finally end up with these marvellous CU products!

They were actually worth $16 but was on sale, I only have to add $1 to grab them all! Actually, they are still on SALE now!! Make sure you get them because they are really nice worth of money.


Next gift came from the LO challenge I entered few weeks ago. Though I didn't make it into the final round but I get these super kits each time I passed one round.

my lay out using this kit:

Round II

My lay out:

Round III

Amazing gifts arent they? I feel sooo lucky join this challenge. The kits are SUPER. Pack up with lots of embelishments. If you're interested, just click those kits image and they will take you to the Studio.


There are many challenges at the Studio Birthday Bash. Another one that I joined was "Post the Most" challenge. I wasn't the winner cause the winner is the one who post 717 times. Wow... I only post 100 something. Sooo it's quite alot behind.. lol

BUT... Tracy from Ambowife Design send us one of her gorgeous kit as a participation gift.

I thought that was already great... But then i get a letter saying that I became one of the Avatar contest winner!! Wohooo... And the prize is I can choose Any of the mega kit from the studio! That was awesome! Though I have to admit that it wasn't easy at all because those Megas are just AMAZING!! You should see them for yourself here!

Actually, when I join the avatar contest I already get this Birthday Bash kit:

It turned my avatar into this:

And this is the kit I choose from the Mega Kit:

Woooow that's alot of goodies and I'm sure everyone who join the party are as happy as (or even happier than) me! Thank you Studio. Happy Birthday :)

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