Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Out of Bandwith... No More..

"The user hosting this content is out of bandwith". I know some of you may end with this page when you try to get my freebies.

I don't know is it good news or bad news. Should I be happy or sad. Off course it's good news, mean there are lots of people who download my freebie. Hey, it still in the middle of the month and I'm out of bandwith already... that's good.. it works then...

But, then again.. it's not good at all for you my lovely reader who has come all the way to my blog. So out of my love, I'm opening new account on mediafire and put a mirror download there. What are you waiting for? Go grab those freebies NOW..... :)


  1. Hello there! Is that your song? It's so sweet. :) And thanks for sharing the freebies that you do. :)

  2. Yes, those are my songs. I'm glad you like it. Thanks for coming too :D