Sunday, November 13, 2011

Panda's & Pagoda + Freebie

"Panda's and Pagoda's" is 4 My Babies Chinese themed kit. It is great for boys and girls! You could scrap pictures from trips to China, or if you, or someone you know has adopted a child from China, or even if you just have a kiddo in karate!! There are kiddos of all ethnicities represented! OH! and a full set of Chinese Zodiac animals too!! They just did not have room on the preview!! There are so many good things in this kit!!

You can grab this kit in Just 4 Our Babies store.

And here are my LO using this kit

This is cute little Ben. I adore him from the day his mommy upload his adorable smile.

I don't have any kid who does karate, so I took the image from

As always, for you my lovely reader, grab this lovely cluster here on click the image bellow. Make sure you use it for your personal use only. And I'll be very happy if you let me know what do you think about this cluster. Thank for coming :)

Because lots of download, sometimes my account in Boxnet is out of bandwith.
You can try the mirror download here.


  1. SOOOOOOO adorable.... GREAT work....

  2. Thank you :) So glad you like it
    hugs back

  3. Great looking kit. I wanted to get your cluster freebie but you're out of bandwidth.